Saturday, July 26, 2008

Cat Idol I

Here the background is complete.
I have added words onto the halo, they are: "Sinn, gultig, Konfession, Lack, Gift." These words mean, respectively, "sense (like touch, taste, smell...), valid, religion, gloss, and poison." I chose to use false friends (words that sound/look similar between languages, but have different meanings) to create a tension in the piece. I wanted the cat to be simple and authoritative like an idol. I wanted the words on its halo to create a sense of unease/religious (as they appear to have negative/religious connotations) but really be meaningless, in the end leaving you empty. The last word is different, however, appearing positive but actually being quite negative. The image is perhaps too happy-go-lucky taking away from the emotionally meaning of the false friends.